Wednesday, July 20, 2011

John Sokol's Current projects, Past projects and Interests.

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Current Projects

This Blog.

Video Technology Magazine
All new posts go to the blog.
This was Intended to be a BSD only blog, but now it's about all Unix Like Free Operating Systems, Linux, FreeBSD etc.
green ideas for power, products and designs

SciFi Story "The Apple"

The Amorphous OS, Next Generation OS.

Internet TV & Cloud.

The Local Silicon Valley Technical Groups, SVLUG, BAFUG, SVBUG, BayLisa.

Getting more involved with the Hacker Dojo and the Maker community.

Past Projects

Vending Machine Technology
HDTV Advertising
Flash for Kiosk GUI on vending machines
Credit Card Processing from Vending machines
Improved Dispensing Robots
CCTV Video Recording DVR for Vending Machines, Proof Positive verification of Customers transaction, Security anti-Vandalism

Digital Cinema
Streaming HDTV over Internet for DC
Lower cost projectors
live video editing/mixing of HDTV sources.

Non-Von Neumann architectures

This lead the X-25 25 Cores in a single chip.( on hold )

Parallel processing, SCI, NUMA, Cache Coherency, and Loosely coupled, (TTA)
Transfer Trigger architecture, Register to register, Systolic Arrays and Cellular Automata.

High speed Add, Multiply, Divide, modulo hardware.

Prime Numbers, Factoring, and Finite Field Arithmetic. (Zero Money in this)

PGP and RSA Cracking,
Public Pad Crypto
Uses of Random numbers.  And Secure Random sources.
New Factoring methods.

Coding theory
Error Correction Codes
Erasure Codes
Viterbi and other Trellis codes.

Video and Audio
Modified JPEG, Wavelet, Fractal, MPEG, 2, 4 H.263. H.26L and other DCT based Formats. Statistical and dictionary coding.

Image Processing
Image enhancement, Filters, Sinc Functions and other data recovery and prediction methods.

            Image patter recognition, and tracking of objects in live video.
            Integration of multiple live video sources into a composite 3D space.

Thermal Design
            Material Science of high thermally conductive materials.
                        Composites, Elastomers, plastics
            Mechanical design of systems that use thermal conduction and convection.
            Alternate methods to provide active cooling, (Micro Acoustic cooling
                        Micro compressors, magnetic cooling, Optical Cooling)

Magnetic Levitation
            Following the work of Eric Laithwaite. Eddy Current levitation.
            Servo Feedback levitation, diamagnetic levitation.
And servo simulated super conducting levitation.

Peer to Peer,
Video Rental Service set top box
Alternate architectures to provide secure p2p
Distributed serving,
Routing protocols,
Layer 7 - Transparent Firewall, Scans Application Layer data
UNIX IP stack,
Alternate transmission protocols,
            ECIP 1,2,3 and SPAK
High performance server.
            Afterburner Architecture

New methods to deal with Denial of service, worms, and viruses
            IP Router Filter,
            Reverse traceroute.

New methods to deal with Spam.
            Bayesian filters
            White lists, gray lists, black lists.
            Neural Net and GA.

Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms.
These have actually been helpful in the other endeavors. For finding new Codes, breaking encryption, factoring, compression and imaging.
I have developed a Pulsed Neural net algorithm that has had excellent results so far.

VR and Wearables –
 Building a virtual Keyboard, telepresents system and softfonts for a VR E-Book system.

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