Friday, March 12, 2010

Theory of everything.

Before I go direct to the main point.

I was thinking about gravity waves. What would make the largest signal? 
Two or more black holes falling in to each other, collapsing together.  These are singularities of unimaginable masses.
How fast could they rotate? Without friction once they start circling each other they would eventually stale mate and never fall in to each other any further unless there is losses from gravitational drag.

There rotation speeds could be in the trillions of trillions of rpm and doing it with incredible amplitudes.  Essentially vibrating the entire universe.
The only way for these two black holes to fall further into each other they must slow down.
This could be done by emitting waves. After all gravity is the only thing that can escape from a black hole. Any matter fall in on itself would start to rotate creating a vortex held open by centrifugal force.

Now imagine the universe as really a giant vibrating table. With time space being the non-Newtonian fluid the wave is traveling within.

Maybe it could be that all matter is self reinforcing patters of material that takes shape because of gravity wave vibrations.
That our perception of the speed of light it the based on the wave length/frequency of these gravity waves.
So is the particle size and life time.

It could be that it's really the vibrations like waves put out in this medium is what creates all particle and matter and governs it's interaction.
In which case the speed of light would be constant over space, but may indeed be varying globally over time depending based on the vibrational field your in.
And that it would be impossible to create small localized fields.

This might explain this whole dark matter and energy.  Why galaxies are shaped the way they are etc.

It could also be possible that each galaxy has it's own universal constants derived from the wave frequency and shapes out out from it's regional black holes.

Anyhow it's just a thought. Maybe totally crazy rantings. So don't take these seriously unless I am proven right in 100 years. ;) After all we now have a million monkeys on a million typewrites, all typing,  blogs. Eventually one will come out with a right answer.