Monday, October 23, 2006

Accepting crap

Like a frog getting use to water until it gets so hot that it can not escape and dies, people are getting used to crappier and crappier software. Software so fraught with holes, viruses and other problems that it is barely workable. But they just haven't experience better so they just tolerate it.

I am usually referring to Microsoft with these types of remarks, but installing some Linux distros is almost as bad. Cell phones, VOIP, Digital TV, Cars and just about anything with Digital in it these day seems to be going in this direction as companies try to push there prices down.
People are just accept BUG's and crappier functionality as part of life.

But find that I just can't stand it.
Computers should boot in under 1 second, they used too.
I have servers that have been up for 7 years or more without updates, viruses, and crashes, or even reboots!!.
I have installed FreeBSD in 10 minutes without any problems.
I used to have Internet that never went down now it seems to daily.(Comcast)
Used to have analog cell phones that never drop calls and always had good sound quality.

I liken in to going from the USA with nice clean toilets, and nice cars with paved roads and then spending time in India or south America. Where the electricity is only on 75% of the time, toilet paper is a luxury and people can't get gas for there cars so they don't go anywhere. And when you have gas, your dodging pot holes, Pigs, cows, dogs, monkeys, ox cars, on a drive through town.

In India they just accept that things take a long time, and seldom get done right. That everything is screwed up and that is just how things are.

Well I see everyone here in the US slowly getting accustom becoming a third world country in terms of quality of products and services and not even noticing. They just think that this is how things work and never question it.