Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GOD and science

I fail to see where the disagreement between GOD and science lives.
or why there is even a perceived conflict.

The more science starts to act like a religion, close minded and holier then thou is where it begins to conflict with religion.

Science is supposed to be the study of the world, universe, creation, basically life the universe and everything.

If there is a GOD then it should be our duty to try to understand that GOD and how and what she/he/it created.

I really wasn't a believer until I started to study evolution and quantum physics.

Evolution is all encompassing and inescapable, It truly is the protection against killer robots and dooms day bio-weapons and pandemics.

It's so pervasive that we can't even recognize it's effects unless we are going out of our way to see it. Evolution is just as much a force of nature as gravity is, and it's understood about as well too.

Like classical physics, evolution is an emergent behavior based on even simpler and more fundamental principals found in nature.

I think there is something out there or something going on, that is leading someplace. It could be GOD or some sort of reverse causality where in the end we are going to become our own GOD if you will.