Friday, March 30, 2012


It's amazing that because of an anime cartoon series they can get away charging $20 for a plastic and cast zinc alloy disks. top that from the very same factories produced nearly the same thing 30 years ago that sold for for a few cents.

Some of these metallic disks sell for as much as $40 or more.
Such as a : TAKARA MG Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 爆転シュート ベイブレード Magne Weight Disc (A-87)

Kids there ain't nothing new here other then a way to waist your parents money.


Patent number: 191756
Issue date: Jun 12, 1877

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Old Industrial age Education vs Digital/Mobile

Old Industrial age Education  vs Digital/Mobile “ Real Time)  Information age Education
              (  America -  Needs to Grasp Digital information age  Memes)
                by Leveious Rolando with ideas from John Sokol, Lawrence Lotman , Bob “BassyBob”Brockmann

America must evolve quickly  into an efficient Information Age super-power. That probably means relying on a remarkably high percentage of service businesses to drive the economy. Can it be done? Certainly not with the workforce we currently have in America. The statistics are overwhelmingly negative. There are more honors students in China and India than there are total students in the United States. Lets  understand and  grasp the statistic sink in for a minute.

People still  send kids to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. The curriculum and teaching methodologies are virtually unchanged since my Grandparents attended school. Since  the Human Brain utilizes two creative and innovative ways to present scientific information: artistic interpretations and interactive frame work . 

All education should be  developed  in Multi immersed artistic presentation Interactive multi sensory frame work or presentation. education should be  real time deployed , We have the  toy and gadget and games -mobile- digital applications to do it now

But we  rather play  games and have entertainment for it use or education or both

America It is unacceptable to have analog teachers and digital students … unacceptable to have analog parents and digital kids … unacceptable to have analog managers and digital workers and, absolutely unacceptable to have an analog aristocracy and a digital proletariat.

I hear our political leaders talk about job creation as if we are going to open factories and start building cars or consumer electronics or durable goods. Not likely. Our publicly traded corporations are not fiscally governed to allow manufacturing to be done in the United States.

Energy prices will have to rise to a point where trans-Pacific shipping is so expensive that local production becomes cost-effective for the United States to truly return to its innovated  roots. Again, not likely any time soon.

Here is what i see is the serious  problem is exacerbated by the self-hypnotic, completely delusional idea of what it means to be a productive employee. For example : If a person, who has been employed for 15 years as an administrative assistant, is downsized because the company now uses voicemail, email, template business correspondence and webcams, keycards and automated door locks for security.

Point is they do not  understand the  Changes from  Industrial age  to Digital information age . America  invented the Digital Information age and they  are far behind every one that is  problem .What we need to do is to rethink  and educate our workforce for the time in which we live — the mobile -Digital Information Age. This also requires effective  work  methodologies and political will, but it requires something else — personal responsibility. We, you and I, have to take responsibility for our education. Workforce development starts at home.
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