Monday, April 03, 2017

Internet of things, everyone keeps thinking sensor

Internet of things, everyone keeps thinking sensor nets.
It's the Internet of atoms, matter , things.
Internet of transportation is a more apt term.
When material objects are moved like we do data today. Stored, sorted, organized, processed, transportation, packetized and serialized.
Uber with self driving cars. Automatic farms, factories, transportation, food preparation.
With cheap solar, and wind everything changes.
Flying cars become viable and aluminum cheaper yet.
Robots will cost nearly nothing to operate.
Humans could have the highest standards of living yet.
Or lowest yet as jobseekers will search endlessly in vain.
Either could be perilous for the largest population of humans in history.
There was something called the rat utopia experiment. This is one is which the rats were given everything they could ever want without struggling. Food, water space,
Soon the population experienced a social break down so severe they went to total population extinction. The researchers were horrified by what behaviors they witnessed.
We are also at start of an explosive growth in medical advancements and life extension that may make people virtually immortal.
Who wins who looses. If the selfish win, the machines will mimic this, it will be unavoidable and repeat this till no human being exist.
Or if we choose different optimization parameters those will be mimic forwards into the future. Maybe some comfortable middle path averting both undesirable outcomes.

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