Saturday, March 16, 2024

I was tearing in to TV's

I was tearing in to TV's at age 6 and fixing them at age 8, by age 12 I had a soldering iron and a bag of junk. All I needed was power and a table and chair. 

 I would take Bets.  $20 I can fix it, or it's free.  people would line up.  Anything in they would put in front of me, electronic/electrical . I'd get a minute to examine it , and tell them what parts , or fix it with what I brought.  A literal Felix the Cat, with a bag of tricks.

I would oddly just know what I needed for that days adventures. 

Anyhow people would literally gather and take bets. In the most lucrative neighborhoods.  I'd be brought in to untangle a companies phone system and reprogram their PBX, or some industrial controller.   Anything Dangerous  AC power I'd bring my dad in .  But I got to fix computers. So I wrote a data based on the TRS-80 model 3 for the North Jersey Buick Dealers association. I be sitting in the showroom writing code.  Before you know it I am helping write the Arc file compressor, with a guy who was teaching me about Unix and compression.  Building radio equipment and all sorts of stuff.