Thursday, July 07, 2011

Amorphous OS Talk

So far everyone in the OS world has adopted a Unix model with a GUI over it, something that's almost 30 years old now.

So what is next for OS development?

Is there anything new besides just optimization and support for new hardware?

I believe so and the future is a Cloud Based OS. But the Cloud is mostly hype right now and poortly understood or defined. There have been several "Cloud OS's" but these are really just browser based desk tops.

What I am proposing is a complete revolution in the way an OS is architected, structured, managed and the way it operates. One in which users can see their Interface as anything imaginable, including the Old OS's, and be able to run every legacy piece of software ever written, even old C64 and TRS80 code.

Best yet, it's simple to implement and make development simpler then ever. With all of the Cloud stuff managed by the software transparently to the Application developer.

Below is a talk I gave in February 2001 The Amorphous Operating System, at the ACCU

The raw powerpoint and Doc's for it from 2001 are here.  Seems like Google Doc's chopped off some of the bottom of the slides.

I have since been doing more work on this, and it's starting to take real shape here.  I am hoping to get some support from the Linux and BSD communities as they don't really seem to have a good direction to go in these days other then further optimizations, but lack any substantial architectural improvements.

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