Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fwd: This returns the Glass-Steagall Act back into law ...

I didn't write this, a very smart friend of mine did, It's over my head, but please comment on this if you agree or disagree.

And it tosses $17 trillion in debt back to the corrupt Wall Street Banks, thereby eliminating $17 trillion in debt which we would have had to pay for by increased taxes and reduced government services. This would, in one single bill, eliminate any further need to discuss future bailouts, all budget problems for the next couple of decades, and put the debt back onto the corrupt Wall Street Banks who created it in the first place.  And, needless to say, this would end the current recession/depression and put $17 trillion back into the government (instead of us having to do it) - instantaneous prosperity, immediate reduction of taxes yet allows for an INCREASE in government services (if that's what you want) without having to raise taxes -

both the left AND the right win.  Here it is:



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