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Fwd: Discover how a Smart Communicating Rabbit can disrupt all of your preconceptions about social media at Showstoppers at CES 2012

At Las Vegas CES 2012, discover how a Smart Communicating Rabbit can disrupt all of your preconceptions about social media!

Karotz, the internet connected robot companion by Violet invites you to the world premiere of their latest announcement at CES Showstoppers (table E19). Violet will be unveiling their latest creation which is set to revolutionize social media in 2012…

Be one of the first to report on their latest developments and to discover new ways to communicate with friends and family via your favorite rabbit – Karotz!

To book a meeting or to stop-by, contact:
Imogen Bailey 
Jean-Fran├žois Kitten
US PR Representative: Mark Olson

CES Showstoppers 2012: 10th January 2012, 6-10 pm at Wynn Hotel, Lafite Ballroom, Las Vegas.

More about Karotz, the first smart rabbit connected to the Internet!
Living with a machine is not trivial. With Karotz, the smart rabbit, Violet offers everyone the opportunity to live with a robot.

How can Karotz transform daily life? From morning 'til night, the smart rabbit is a true companion. It provides a link with the world that we love: family, friends and close relations.

Karotz is not just an ordinary rabbit. Need to know something? Karotz can respond because it can surf the Internet. It takes care of sorting, selecting and reading e-mails and all content that we're interested in. Need to relax? Karotz will play music when it is asked to.   We interact with it by speaking directly to it or via a Smartphone or a PC. Karotz is even fitted with an inbuilt camera so it can watch over the house while you are away. With a quick look at a computer or Smartphone it is possible to see what Karotz sees!

Day after day it's possible to discover its intelligence and personality.
A connected friend!

Using voice recognition, Karotz is the new way to communicate with all of those important people in life:

-    Share, exchange and discuss information with close friends or relatives. Karotz is fitted with its own microphone and webcam which means  that it can facilitate live chats (both audio and video). Karotz can read Facebook status updates and Tweets.
-    Why not join the global community of Karotz enthusiasts and make new friends.
-    Karotz is a communicating rabbit. It makes contacting close friends and family simple and free…

Via the free Karotz Controller application which is available from the Appstore, the connected rabbit makes it possible to listen to music, to take
photos, to connect with other Karotz rabbits, or to even change its LED display. It's also possible to control Karotz with an Android phone, by downloading the free Karotz Controller application from the Android Market.

A personal companion!
Karotz knows us… it is at the heart of people's daily lives and in sync with all the important events in the day.  It can wake us
up with the sound of our favorite radio station; give us the day's weather forecast, reads updates on the stock market and much more… Karotz can even read RSS feeds out loud directly from the internet.

Karotz uses an RFID chip sensor to keep an eye on our family and possessions and tell us when kids get home from school. And wherever its owner is situated, thanks to Karotz's webcam, they can see what Karotz sees on their computer or Smartphone.
Karotz can also teach kids new information. It can keep them entertained with interactive games and teach them new things with fun educational activities. Karotz is able to become a part of the home in no time.

A unique space for music!

Through its powerful design, Karotz's stereo offers good sound quality. It is capable of reading mp3 audio files thanks to the Karotz Player application. Its owner can also create additional files to manage their own playlists.

A new way to use your services!

A large number of applications are available which are able to enrich Karotz's capabilities. They are available on the website, within the section called 'Appz' (apps for the weather, diary reminders, moods…)


Karotz, the evolving companion 2.0!

Karotz never stops evolving, new features and services are constantly becoming available…

Discover the community of the first smart rabbit!
On, it is possible to discover the world of Karotz and to exchange with other people via discussion forums with other enthusiasts. On its blog, Karotz gives people a sneak preview of the latest Karotz news and offers plenty of bonuses.

The Karotz Lab is a unique space dedicated to developers of Karotz applications.

Karotz also offers a wide range of accessories: the Nanoztag and the Flatnanoz (in the form of a key ring), these are small rabbits containing an RFID chip, which are able to launch whichever application its owner chooses; with the Earz accessory, it is possible to move Karotz ears into hundreds of different combinations; the Skinz accessories are stickers for the owner to be able to customize their Karotz and make it their very own.
Recommended retail price: 129,99€(£114.99 / $129) on

Links to Karotz videos:

Karotz is inquisitive! Yes, but it can also inform you when your child arrives home from school.
Karotz is unlimited! Yes, but you can control it remotely.
Karotz talks a lot! Yes, but it can also read e-mails and instant messages.
Karotz does everything! Yes, but it can also wake you up every morning. If you wish.

About Violet and Karotz

Karotz is a multipurpose Internet-connected rabbit. He moves his ears, speaks, reads, listens, his body lights up and he even detects the presence of other objects (by sniffing them). As he is permanently connected to the Internet, he can act, react, transmit or broadcast many types of content available over his network, - news, messages, music, text, alerts, radio, etc. He can hear you, obey your commands and even recognize things you give it to "sniff".  Born in 2005, Nabaztag has since become an Icon for the new era of smart, communicating objects. Karotz was launched in 2011 and is the third generation of multipurpose rabbits. Amongst the new features, Karotz also knows how to see and can locate where its owner is situated in the world, it can also show what it sees and listen via a PC or a Smartphone.

About Aldebaran Robotics

Founded in 2005 by Bruno Maisonnier and with offices in France, China, Japan and the United States, ALDEBARAN Robotics designs, produces and commercializes autonomous humanoid robots with the aim of contributing to the well-being of humans. Today, over 2000 NAOs are utilized throughout the world as research and educational platforms in 40 countries. ALDEBARAN Robotics brings together more than 160 people – including 65 engineers and PhDs – that are involved in the development and production of the robot. For further information, visit


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