Monday, April 10, 2023

The Questor Tapes : Story by: Gene Roddenberry

The Questor Tapes is a 1974 American made-for-television sci-fi drama film about an android (portrayed by Robert Foxworth) with incomplete memory tapes who is searching for his creator and his purpose. Conceived by Gene Roddenberry, who is credited as executive consultant, the script is credited to Roddenberry and fellow Star Trek alumnus Gene L. Coon.

 Project Questor is the brainchild of the genius Dr. Vaslovik, who
developed plans to build an android super-human. Although he has
disappeared and half of the programming tape was erased in the attempt
to decode it, his former colleagues continue the project and finally
succeed in creating Questor. However, Vaslovik seems to have installed a
secret program in Questor's brain. He flees and starts to search for
Vaslovik. Since half of his knowledge is missing, he needs the help of
Jerry Robinson, who is now suspected of having stolen the android.

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