Monday, June 22, 2020

Loss of Sensation: my new favorite movie

Loss of Sensation, alternatively titled Robot of Jim Ripple (Russian: «Гибель сенсации» («Робот Джима Рипль»)) is a 1935 Soviet science fiction sound film directed by Alexandr Andriyevsky.
Although the film uses the abbreviation "R.U.R" for the robots, it is not based directly on the 1920 stageplay by Karel Čapek. The film is based on the Ukrainian novel "Iron Riot" (also known as "Robots are coming") by Volodimir Vladko.

This is my new favorite movie 1935, its interesting that many parts are shot like a silent movie. The Cuts and splices are terrible and the music score decent but played and recorded badly. I want to colorize it, redo the same music but in electronic techno and just clean it up to play on a big screen. Have English Dialog. Blade Runner style.
It's makes a huge political statement and in many ways we are hearing the very same arguments today so this movie is relevant.

Why does this come to mind, because in the term robot came about in Jan 1921 with the stage Play RUR. Also political, and roboti is the Czech word for Slave.

So this was the first movie that gave a nod to RUR, in 1935 Russia.
It interesting how terms origin put the idea of slave -> now "robotsi" uprising against the masters.
So you can see things in this movie borrowed by Terminator and countless other scifi robots.

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