Friday, February 26, 2016

I was mentioned in an article last year.

I was mentioned in an article last year.

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In fact, in the field of Silicon Valley, service robots innovative companies are emerging, such as spectators attending startups Telepresence Robotics (TRC) of the CTO John Sokol believes that service robot market is still in its early stages, it is difficult to predict the real future potential. But as the history of the development of mobile phones, as in the early days, no one can really predict the market prosperity later.

It is understood, TRC is a robot augmented reality experience to the commercial area of ​​service robotics company that provides cloud-based Robot-as-a-Service service. This can be used for all types of service robots for commercial, office and home environment, instead of people to complete a variety of work. Developers can access the TRC RaaS deployed in public cloud or private cloud RaaS business platform for the development of a variety of commercial robots TRC program. TRC robots based on very mature two-wheeled balancing vehicle technology, you can easily across uneven pavement, and even wire on the ground, gravel, grass and vines and the like.

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