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Paris, 20th February 2012 / 3D printing / Design / Sculpteo

The new age of cloud design
Sculpteo collaborates with world class international designers to create a new generation of artworks: unique bespoke 3D printed objects. The introduction of Cloud 3D printing marks a new chapter in the history of design.

In the 1970s Italian designers thought that the mass-manufacturing industry had to change and must be more inspired by the smartness and the uniqueness of products which are made by craftsmen. Gaetano Pesce experimented to produce a series of works made using digital tools which were not yet fully developed at that time. The concept behind Gaetano's work was to use technology to create a series of unique objects in order to fight against the 'totalitarianism of sameness'. With their campaign for mass-customization, Sculpteo is re-igniting this idea and starting a manufacturing and design revolution in 2012 using the latest Cloud 3D printing technology
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As part of the launch of Sculpteo's 3D printing Cloud Engine and the Sculpteo app* at CES in Las Vegas in January, Sculpteo have collaborated with the world renowned designers Jean-Louis Frechin and Uros Petrevski from NoDesign agency. NoDesign has created the concepts for a range of beautiful bespoke ceramic objects which can all be personalized using human data before they are produced using 3D printing technology.

Sculpto designersBy partnering with NoDesign, Sculpteo enables people to unleash their creativity, simply by using standard 3D software. Even beginners can express their personality by digitally creating a tailor made object via their IOS device or computer before it is put into production.

The remarkable juxtaposition between the traditional ways in which objects have been crafted in the past by designers and the way in which objects can now be produced using 3D technology marks the beginning of the 3D printing revolution of the 21st century.  Mass-customization will have a significant impact on the way in which goods are produced, marking the end of mass-manufacturing as we now know it by enabling consumers to play a part in the design process of objects which we use in everyday life.

Designers no longer craft their work entirely on their own and locally source materials as before. Due to technological advancements and increased globalization across all industries they now rely upon an ecosystem of small rapid prototyping companies and can easily distribute, promote and sell their work worldwide thanks to the internet. Sculpteo  plans to re-introduce local production by sourcing printing facilities close to where the end-user is located, not only to keep delivery costs down and to minimize the impact on the environment but to re-invent local production where goods can be produced in Europe rather than imported.

The designers will always remain the designers but amateurs are equipped with all the tools required to be able to create a series of objects which are unique and personalized. This is the start of a whole new design movement where the real potentials of 3D printing have not yet been completely realized, for the mass-customization revolution this is only the beginning.

Sculpteo will be looking to collaborate with a number of designers over the forthcoming months in order to constantly update the app with new concepts.

Clément Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo: 'Our thinking behind our collaboration with NoDesign was to be able to completely disrupt the way in which objects are currently designed and produced to mark the beginning of the mass-customization revolution. With the Sculpteo app it is possible to easily create real objects which are not only beautiful; they also drive us in the new dimension of made to measure objects allowed by 3D printing technology and combined with the power of the cloud. They encapsulate a part of you and are inspired by designers who are shaping the way in which our world will look tomorrow'.

Sculpteo disrupts the design world with their 'mass-customization' revolution.

This new capability will make an impact on the whole manufacturing and distribution process for the first time ever mass customization will be made simple, concrete and economically affordable!

Download the free Sculpteo app from the App Store:

About Sculpteo
Founded in 2009, Sculpteo offers a fully online 3D printing service – from the upload of your 3D model to the final object - designed to make this new technology easy and accessible to all. In addition to affiliates, Sculpteo, has its own 3D printing facilities in the Pyrenees.

About NoDesign
NoDesign is an agency specialized in digital product and interaction. Located at the heart of the agency are Jean-Louis Frechin and Uros Petrevski with a few other talented designers.
NoDesign work on innovative projects in the field of information technology, communication at the intersection of facts and inspiration. They assist companies in research and development of original ideas, usage of technologies, products, or services, specifically in internet of things, social communication and new emerging concepts.

About 3D printing
3D printing is a method of producing a real object from a 3D file, by building and solidifying a material layer by layer until the finished item is obtained. This technology is geared at anyone who wants to turn concept into concrete, imagination into reality. The virtual object becomes a tangible item, which can be handled and placed in real-life situations.
3D printing is an element in the custom-made trend - claiming the right to individuality and personal expression. Technology puts us back in control of the selection, modification or creation of the objects around us, be they utilitarian or strictly aesthetic.
3D files – or digital models – are geometric representations of a product. As with any other software, there are many different 3D-design applications available, free or not, all over the web. Similarly, there are multiple 3D file formats. The most common are obj, 3ds, stl, skp… Sculpteo.com handles them all.

Sculpteo.com is an online 3D printing services aimed at Consumers and Business Customers.

For more information: http://www.sculpteo.com
Download high resolution images: http://www.sculpteo.com/press/

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