Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fwd: hulu's as rotten as the others

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ps:  .... limited alternative lists  =   www.dropcable.info

   Hulu is discontinuing McHale's Navy. Four seasons of 30-36 shows per, and won't allow copy....
or even discussion about how to copy/capture hulu shows for your own enjoyment. seems not available elsewhere, either.

One of my clients was on a PT Boat and really loves this discontinued show. I enjoy it because it's gentle, not in your face, broadcast.
Suspect it's being discontinued because it portrays the little guy, the individual, winning against the establishment, and the big powerful guy and or that government is stupid and needs to be circumnavigated ... all these types of shows are now removed and currently disappearing from the social consciousness " memories" ... people will soon forget this type of thinking, it's anti big brother ... shows like Blake 7 etc... will never be seen again...  even the prisoner remake is really, not the same, at all .....  FYI  .....  " Those in power are good and knows what's best for you "


Thread locked...

by John.Wilkinson Moderator - 4/2/09 7:53 PM

In Reply to: How to download Hulu shows by Slikkster

Pending a superior ruling, this thread is locked as a violation of the Hulu TOS:

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"The copying, downloading, stream capturing, reproduction, duplication, archiving, distribution, uploading, publication, modification, translation, broadcast, performance, display, sale, or transmission of the Content is strictly prohibited unless it is expressly permitted by Hulu in writing."
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