Friday, October 29, 2010

hexane in food.

From Slashdot:
"A chemical called n-hexane has been poisoning the nervous systems of Chinese workers who assemble touchscreen devices for Apple and other companies, an investigative journalist from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports. It's scary to think that people are being damaged to pursue high production rates. For companies with soaring profits and share prices, and elaborate product development and marketing, it seems they should be all the more culpable if they fail to take care of the production workers."

Hexane is derived from petroleum. It is a colorless, volatile liquid with a mild, gasoline-like odor.
It's used in Electrical contact cleaner, and Computer monitor screen cleaners.
Hexane is the dominate extraction solvent for oil seeds throughout the world, including soybean and other high volume oils used for human and animal consumption. 95% of the world's corn oil is produced from corn germ obtained by wet-milling.
The corn germ is dried, then shipped to hexane extraction facilities to obtain the oil.
Basically corn oil and high fructose corn syrup are contaminated with the stuff in small amounts. []

Be careful with hexane nomenclature. n-hexane is one of the isomers of hexane (there are 5), and by far the most toxic. Claims that hexane is a neurotoxin are misleading - the only hexane isomer that is a neurotoxin is n-hexane as the other hexanes don't produce the nerve damaging metabolite of n-hexane.

    Does it really matter?
Do you really want to eat that crap.

I am sorry but there are several things that I don't want anywhere near my food.
1.) Deification and other bodily fluids.
2.) Heavy metals.
3.) Petroleum products.

You can't tell me well it's just a little bit of feces.
Yea it's just a little bit of neurotoxin.
What do they say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".
That may be fine for animal feed, but it's getting to the point the point where no matter how much effort you can't protect yourself and your family from these things.

We are starting to see so many health problems in our western culture. Little by little so many getting traced back to diet.

Are you familiar with the engineering term "Accumulation of Tolerances"
It's about predicting reliability. Say were building a car, and each part can be 1 mm off.
After you connect 10 parts together in a chain, you can on occasion be 10 mm off and unable to close the car door because it does't fit now.

Well it's like that with tolerating toxins.

Yea we can handle so much mercury and so much hexane and so much BPA, PFOE, Flouride, Aluminum, Cadmium etc. etc. etc ...
Even Sodium.
With each product it pushing that limit.
But in the real world we eat 20+ products per day.

End result, Cancer, Autism, dementia, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, Asthma, allergies, lower IQ's, and a plethora of other problems.

How can anyone sort out what's causing what.

It's like badly written source code. You can't tell where the problem is. The only way out id to start correcting ugly code a piece at a time and without fail, the errors start going away.

I have a terrible peanut allergy.  When in India I had to be rushed to the local hospital.  The doctors there never saw first hand a patient with anaphylactic shock. When later researching this I found that extreme  allergic reactions are very rare in India.  WHY?

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