Friday, September 03, 2010

Rings of Earth

I just realized, that after we build a space elevator, we will eventually build an artificial ring around the earth. We've already started with our geosynchronous satellites. Starting clumps of tethered satellites, it will grow massive, and slowly get populated. It will eventually have its own nervous system and be reactive, to stresses and forces. Initially it will be power stations and computer server farms because of the better access to power, solar power. It will quickly get populated by robots and human maintenance workers that live permanently there. Eventually it will be like a shipping port connecting incoming and outgoing passengers and cargo. In enough time it may become fully populated.
Space elevators will be it's loading docs connecting but instead of connecting the land and sea, this will connect the land and space. With docks you have to move material using small ships, which is where we currently are in space. If we extend this ocean analogy, most ships are literally only good for one trip only because once we get to the beach, the surf tears them apart. So we're not even to the point of good canoes.

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