Friday, August 26, 2011

Tweet Waves vs. Seismic Waves

I published in  June 03, 2011
Product ideas - EarthQuake early warning system. 

Basically taking advantage that the internet is faster then earthquake waves.
Or to put it another way light is faster then sound. 

It's nice to see the idea is finally catching on.  The graphic below basically explain the idea, but still has humans in the loop.

8/22/2011   Early Earthquake Warning System In iOS 5
"A very important and functional feature has been added to Apple's iOS 5 for Japanese users: an earthquake warning system. This new feature may allow the people of Japan to be warned early enough to get out of harm's way and ultimately save lives. Most phones sold in Japan have some way to warn the user of Earthquakes."

On read : Tweet Waves vs. Seismic Waves

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