Thursday, November 01, 2018

Good Silicon Valley Machinist.

This isn't an advertisement and I don't often recommend people.
But finding a good Machinist in Silicon Valley can be difficult.

I am posting a recommendation for

Ramon Zamora of
His shop is located in Newark.

We had a decent conversation and he showed me his work.

Friday, September 21, 2018

My post from 1995 - Internet office space in Venice for rent

Internet office space in Venice for rent 
Author: Jesus Monroy Jr<>
Date: 1995/09/09 
Forums: la.general, la.wanted, 
Posted on: 1995/09/09

keywords: LA intnet office rent beach venice T1 
organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700

OFFICE         SPACE      FOR             RENT             IN VENICE
                                                           IN VENICE
OFFICE        SPACE     FOR                 RENT           IN VENICE
                                                           IN VENICE
OFFICE        SPACE       FOR                       RENT   IN VENICE
                            Starting at $200-300
   You have always imagined working with other  COMPUTER
   The SYNERGY, the energy, the excitement of CREATING
   something new.
   You also want to remain independent.  NOW there this is
   space where this is happening.
Where?  In VENICE, on Abbot Kinney  in a FUNKY old building
with  lots of character resides a professional office space.
It is nestled in a complex with restaurants, cafes and a
sculpture garden with pond.  The office is connected with
the CYBER-JAVA Cafe.  The first commerical electronic cafe
in L.A. Imagine enjoying a cappuccino or taking your
CUSTOMERS down to the back patio for iced lattes.  If that
isn't tempting enough let me describe the space.
After entering a LIGHT SANDSTONE fascade you go up to the
first floor. A light open beamed room welcomes you with lots
of northern light. The space is divided into 5 rigid wall
CUBICLES. There is a kitchen, shared PRINTER, bathroom and
The cubicles are GENEROUSLY sized at 1: 68.5" X 68.5" facing N
                                     2: 134'' X 99"          N
                                     3: 48.5" X 99"          W
                                     4: 86"   X 65"          S
                                     5: 134"  X 86":         N
   Security it available and adjoining cubicles or blocks are
   POSSIBLE for partners. Isn't is time you THOUGHT about
   taking the NEXT STEP in you companies growth?
The BIGGEST benefit might be your access to a high speed
internet connection.  We share a T1 line with the Cafe next
door. You could be racing  on the Net, surfing for
customers, or downloading files. It could definitely be THE
reason to move out of the home office and rent here.
So meet your fellow professionals on A.K. (Abbot Kinney).
    We are just off Main between Rose and Washington in Venice and
    mere blocks from the beach. Three in fact and the
    boardwalk. Nothing like a little sun to tide you over
    till the weekend.
    Security it available and adjoining cubicles or blocks are
    POSSIBLE for partners. Isn't is time you THOUGHT about
    taking the NEXT STEP in you companies growth?

Further info send E-mail to and check out for the Cafe next door.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Luminar Lidar team photos

From my time there in 2017

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

In the news again. Chinese-language Internet portal (  (translated using Google)

51Talk Stars small player American study "radish too spicy" technology company personally assembled robot super excited

2018-08-09 10:55TOM
After feeling the free and inclusive academic atmosphere of Berkeley University and visiting the technology Google and Apple, the second season 51Talk Star National English Small Talent Show broke out and the small players started a new study tour. This station they came to the robot education company RoboTerra (Chinese name: radish too spicy) founded in Silicon Valley, USA, co-founded by Columbia University and Stanford University alumni. In addition to a comprehensive understanding of this new technology company, the small players also had in-depth communication with computer experts, and under their guidance, assembled a personalized robot. Seeing the robots that I made by myself, the little players shouted "Crazy!" excitedly.
The small players Dongye Yiyi, Qi Guanyi and Wang Yuanyi discuss robot knowledge with computer expert John Sokol
51Talk Star and technology rookie hit a different spark
RoboTerra is a STEAM education company based on professional programming learning and robot manufacturing in C language. In addition to having a very international entrepreneurial team background, there is also a special Chinese name called radish too spicy. Although less than five years old, RoboTerra is well known in the technology education industry. The radish is too spicy to provide a global robot education platform for students, teachers and educational institutions to stimulate their creative potential and enhance their overall quality. At the same time, it also provides robot education including teacher training, laboratory construction programs and events. solution.
In the radish is too spicy, the small players are attracted by a variety of novel elements. "I didn't expect to see robots in TV movies, I can do it myself!" Wang Xiaoyi, a small group champion, Xiao Guan, a small group runner, Xiao Gao The runner-up Dongye was in a good position. The three children and the experts communicated in English all the time. From time to time, they were amused by the humorous John Sokol. Under the explanation and guidance of John Sokol, the children started, built and debugged their own "freestyle" robot.

The small players are interested in robots.
Interest-oriented + learning to use = maximizing learning outcomes
"RoboTerra has many similarities with 51Talk. For example, the service targets are mainly young people, and the educational concepts have similarities. They are actively using technology to improve education. On the other hand, they hope that small players can appreciate the beauty of technology through communication with foreign teachers. I will learn the changes that I will bring to my own English.” The head of the 51Talk Study Tour talked about the reasons for choosing RoboTerra as an important stop for the study tour. He believes that the study tour should focus on diversity, with top-ranking universities, established large-scale technology companies, and of course should include technology rookies, and strive to make children worthwhile.
The little contestant Wang Yuanyi’s father lamented, “From Google to Apple, while experiencing the latest technology in Silicon Valley, I also appreciate the spirit of Silicon Valley, which returns to the essence of life, maintains a normal heart, and exerts creativity. Today, in the radish and spicy company, Computer scientists introduced to children that the evolution of robots reflects the progress of human civilization. The creativity and wisdom of various robots make us all amazed! 51Talk's study tour has benefited children." The radish is too spicy, and it is also a stage test of the English learning effect of the small players. In the process of communicating with foreign experts, the fluent oral expression of the small players is very gratifying to the parents and staff present.

51Talk Vice President Dai Yun (first from left) and the small players and parents in the radish too spicy
It is understood that the unique low cost advantage of 51Talk Philippine foreign teachers allows many ordinary users to enjoy high frequency and high quality English courses. In order to meet the law of adolescents' cognitive development, 51Talk also provides rich and interesting interactive forms and instant reward feedback for the classroom through AI technology, which fully motivates children's classroom learning enthusiasm and allows children to speak English. In fact, many practitioners dedicated to adolescent education have seen the importance of interest and application for their children's learning. The educational institutions represented by radish and spicy, 51Talk have already begun to run on the road of practicing quality education. With effective and interesting keywords, we will create a better education platform for children and strive to open a dialogue world and beautiful for children. The door to the future.