Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gravity waves.

What if radioactive decay is effected not by gravity but by a change in gravity?

Just like an electric current get's generated in a wire by change in magnetic field and a static magnetic field has no effect at all.

Maybe radioactive decay is driven by change in gravity and not gravity itself.

So the the Sun would literally be modulated by gravity waves, as it's nuclear reactions increased and decreased a small amount.

Something like this might actually explain the variations we have been measuring in the speed of light. Where the light is constant but the rate at which matter interacts changes with gravity waves, So our time measurement devices are actually changing.

Or maybe I have this wrong, it could be from a change in direction?

I would think even atoms must have gyroscopic precession.  Wouldn't changing the direction of an electronic want to gyroscopic-ally twist them?

Just some total far off thoughts here, maybe it's nonsense. I don't pretend to know anything, but if you agree or disagree please comment, I'd live to know your thoughts if you know science. 

Please don't beat me over the head with what the texts books say though, please.

John L. Sokol

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