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Fwd: Register Now: Software Patent Debate, 8/24

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Motion: Software Patents Encourage Innovation

Proponents of software patents argue that software deserves the protection of patents just as any other invention does. Software is simply a description of computer instructions that allow a processor to perform complex tasks. Particularly in today's knowledge economy, the value of software is growing and patents protect the investment of time, effort, and money made by companies and individual programmers.

Critics of software patents argue that they stifle innovation rather than promote it by cutting off the free flow of ideas needed to advance technology. Software consists of mathematical equations, which cannot and should not be patentable. Most software patents describe algorithms that are simple or obvious to a programmer of ordinary skill and thus do not deserve patent protection.....Read More

Bob Zeidman will be signing copies of his most recent book, The Software IP Detective Handbook, after today's debate. The book will be made available for purchase in the Museum store.

Bring your lunch and enjoy a lecture with CHM friends and family.
Lunch will be available for purchase in the Museum Cafe prior to the lecture.
The Museum will provide beverages and chips.

Event Details

Wed. August 24, 2011
Noon: Program
(Free to Attend)

Computer History Museum
1401 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043

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