Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stating the obvious

I re-posted this, but I am noticing the hair in the photo is quite visible, This is a clear indicator the photo's are not from the Millimeter wave or Xray scanners because hair would vanish just as much as clothing would.

I think this was a nude photo of a woman wearing a clear plastic belt.
It's been doctored to look like a scanner image.

Still there is a lot of merit in the argument in that once you have someone's scan it can be used as the basis for a 3D model, it would be possible to produce photo-realistic nude images.

 Another after tough here is they could fingerprint your whole body making an unforgeable biometric.

Sent to my by Anonymous friend:

Finally someone is pointing out that those TSA naked body scans can be EASILY manipulated by Photoshop to produce EXTREMELY realistic naked photos - you can literally do it in one step by keeping in mind the very obvious: the naked body scans are negative images, so all you have to do is switch it to a positive image. That's it. Take a look:

With Fergie, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardassian, Baywatch babe/Playboy centerfold Donna D'Errico and others having gone through the naked scans recently (and a gazillion other celebs I can't remember off
hand), you know the pedophile pervert subhumans of the TSA are amassing quite a collection of scans - there must be MILLIONS of them by now on home computers and in their cell phones.

And with a little photoshop magic, now you know what they're seeing.

When one of these deviants finally realizes that all he has to do is sell his collection of naked celebrity photos to TMZ, he'll retire a billionaire!

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