Saturday, December 18, 2010

The cops disappear ....

I'm going to perform a magic trick.  Just wave my hands and voila!
ALL the police disappear . . .





And keep in mind, this is BEFORE oil hits $150-200/barrel, which will happen in 2011:

And let's not forget the food prices I've been tracking which, in some cases, have ALREADY gone up by 100% (or more!) in the last year, and as of November, basic commodity prices for essentials like wheat (i.e., bread) had already gone up by 62% in one month (!!) so guess what that means for food in the early months of 2011?


And, of course, with increases prices for basics, even MORE cops will be laid off.

Translation:  in 2011, you will lose all police protection, and the soon-to-be-starving criminals will recognize that fact.

The Road Warrior time is here.

Prepare accordingly.

(From an Anonymous friend)
Mind if I blog this?
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Simple logic:  I put all the pieces together, and once you calculate the out of control increasing cost of doing any kind of business or providing for basics, it's clear we're about to go to zero cops while simultaneously taking away everyone's food (or ability to buy food or pay rent) which gives some really basic survival incentives to the violent criminal class to take really basic violent action to survive
. . . and not a cop to be found.

It's not an accident.

Who needs to send in army to control us when we can so easily be manipulated into slaughtering each other?

Of course, once the slaughtering and population decimation has gone on long enough, THEN the armies will step in.  OUR armies.  But not working for us.


The game's already over.

2011/2012 should be fun.
(From an Anonymous friend)


P.S. Tipping Point: 25 Signs That The Coming Financial Collapse Is Now Closer Than Ever

 Yes, driving the last nail into coffin, perhaps a bit overkill, but
you might as well see the truth for yourself:

 (From an Anonymous friend)

Overblown speculation & hyperbole on the authors part.
  (From a different friend)

Now from a different thread

Well, at least he's honest ...

 A Republican politician openly admits that our politicians' job is to literally "serve the banks" - finally, someone admits the obvious truth:

Also, my usual apologies about Alex, but I thought this was important
- according to this guest, the dollar will cease being the international currency of choice for trade across the world, or, in other words, it pretty much becomes worthless, quite possibly within months.  Here's what economic forecaster Porter Stansberry has to say about that:

Porter Stansberry: The Economic Implosion of America is Here! - Alex Jones Tv 1/5:

Porter Stansberry: The Economic Implosion of America is Here! - Alex Jones Tv 2/5:

Porter Stansberry: The Economic Implosion of America is Here! - Alex Jones Tv 3/5:

Porter Stansberry: The Economic Implosion of America is Here! - Alex Jones Tv 5/5:

And his movie, The End of America:

I believe it's the same movie direct from his website:

And from the same Alex show, my favorite economic forecaster, Gerald Celente:

pt 1/3 Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show 14 Dec 2010:

pt 2/3 Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show 14 Dec 2010:

pt 3/3 Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show 14 Dec 2010:

 (From an Anonymous friend)
the first five videos of Porter Stansberry have been removed.
 (From an Anonymous friend)
the video labeled  "The End of America" is fiction. The guy spends the first 6 1/2 minutes saying "life will be terrible, awful, believe me".
The quotes, "national inflation association" ( about a fictitious 100% debt. After that he never seemed to get to any point, he just reported known facts, and
inflated all the outcomes. Not sure what his game is, but don't think its worth my time.
  (From a different friend)
Interesting.  So what do you think of these statistics?:

16 Nightmarish Economic Trends To Watch Carefully In 2011:

Or this?:

10 Signs That Confidence In U.S. Treasuries Is Dying And That Financial Armageddon May Be Approaching:

Just curious.
  (From an Anonymous friend)

I don't doubt we have sh*t in pipeline. Crying wolf is not the solution, getting ready is.

My booksellers motto: Yes we are in business to make money, but we are also the keepers and wardens of knowledge. We more than anyone else decides on what gets passed on.
  (From a different friend)


Then, are you ready?  Sometime next year, oil will go to somewhere in the area of $150 to $200/barrel and gasoline, of course, will then go to $5.00/gallon minimum and, with food transportation costs going up accordingly (food commodities up by 62% in November alone), food costs at the stores could rise by hundreds (plural) of percent above current prices (and that doesn't even count for hyperinflation caused the the continuing devaluation of the dollar, which will also get worse next year) ... and since no one is getting cost of living raises on their salaries or welfare or unemployment, food riots are inevitable.  It's simple logic based on current verifiable data. So, yes, having information on what to do if this should occur is a good thing.  And it is something to think about and to prepare for.  2011 should be a very interesting year.  (From an Anonymous friend)
Oil won't make it to that price, but it will go up. The Saudis will not allow it. It will ruin their virtual monopoly. It also keeps the Chinese from keeping us in check. There is no one to keep out bankers in check. I am far more worried the will try to hold the currency hostage, much as Enron tried to hold California hostage for energy. As prices going up, yes I expect that. Inflation is being held at bay by the Reserve, but it is a lost cause. Remember, Gold is not an effective lubricant for transactions, or Gold is a slow lubricator of economic transfer.
You can read my blog on this:   (From a different friend)

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