Monday, December 27, 2010

"How to 'profit' from Big Brother"


When you personally buy a new technological toy, then it's yours to do with as you please. Right? Wrong! What if your new device were activated on the sly and used against you? That's a step beyond spyware. In fact, the EFF coined a new term, "traitorware."
EFF slams Apple patent as traitorware: Jobs is spying on you?
From one friend.,news-7835.html
See  john this   what you  posted  is  exactly what i am speaking  about ..encouraging  people to  invade some life under this new laws of snooping 

From another Friend.
"How to 'profit' from Big Brother"  .... with your phone...  buy and sell information ...

Works with many phones....   In Summary .... cut and pasted: 
  • Call Intercept – Listen to live calls
  • Spy Call – Remote Bugging Device
  • Read SMS, Emails & GPS Locations
  • Email Relay – Forward all events to your inbox
  • Call records – linked to address book
  • SIM change notification – find out new number
  • Full remote control – via SMS commands
  • Web based full text keyword searches
  • Download reports in CSV, PDF & RTF formats
  • Full remote control
  • Remote uninstall
How it Works
Whenever activity is identified on the device Flexispy records the event and uploads the data via WiFi or GPRS to a secure web account for discrete viewing and analysis by the monitoring party. The application is so discrete that once it’s installed it never requires the monitoring party to access the device for tuning or settings. All features and settings are controlled remotely.
FlexiSPY is invaluable as a legitimate tool used by thousands of concerned spouses, parents, law enforcement agencies and corporations around the globe, and is available for download at

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