Friday, January 20, 2012

On our way to the Fantastic Voyage.

Taken from Facebook. 

On our way to the Fantastic Voyage. UCSD researchers have been developing fascinating devices that can self-propel, even though they are just microns in size. The latest use tiny self-propelled rocket motors that can zip around an acidic environment, like the human stomach, without the need for any external fuel. I’ve met these guys. Amazing stuff.
Tiny machines that can enter our bloodstreams and do work inside of our bodies are a staple of both science fiction and real-world biomedical science, as MEMS and other micromotor devices become increasingly small and effective. A team from the University of California, San Diego, is taking the idea...

    • John L. Sokol Using telepresence and Virtual Reality one could actually take a real fantastic Journey, being able to see stereo video from the inside of a human body and be able to travel around as if they were shrunk and place in to a miniature submarine. To able to remotely operate a miniature robot to perform surgeries

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