Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fwd: News Flash: Dead Come To Life!

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From: HAP
Date: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 9:06 AM
Subject: News Flash: Dead Come To Life!

    News Flash!

    Washington D.C.


    The previously dead college boy Robert MacNamara was
resurrected in the body of Leon Panetta this morning. The Creature
walked into a room and seized the microphone at a Chicago Town
Hall Meeting, cleverly disguised as a National Security Briefing.

    The Creature had broken into the cookie jar that held the money
that we had used to pay our troops in the field. The Creature claimed
that there was a Fiscal Emergency that was more important than
paying the bills such as the Army, Marines, Navy, Veterans Administration,
etc. "We need to spend more in the Private Sector" the Creature bellowed,
"The Military has to tighten their belts". There was no government Official
that was man enough to stand up to the theft.

    The good news out of this is that the five or six HUNDRED MILLION
DOLLARS will help save the most important auspices of American Life...
Midnight Basketball and Fair Treatment of Illegal Aliens.

    In fairness to George Soros (Father of the Creature), America hasn't
been attacked since Pearl Harbor, so we really don't NEED a big, capable
military. (Oh, except for that thingie in New York and stuff).

    A squad of gallant Marines tried to subdue the creature with wreaths
of Garlic, but it had not effect against the stench of corruption that engulfed
the current Administration.

                                                                    Associated Press, Washington

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