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Silicon Valley Linux Users Group, Dec. 7th meeting: Linux-Based Personal Robotics

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  Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2011


 TOPIC: Linux-Based Personal Robotics

   Tully Foote
   Systems Engineer, Willow Garage

   ROS (Robot Operating System, http://www.ros.org/) provides libraries
   and tools to help software developers create robot applications.  It
   provides hardware abstraction, device drivers, libraries, visualizers,
   message-passing, package management, and more.

   In building ROS, we use Linux both as a platform and as a model for
   development.  As a platform, Linux provides a great development
   environment and tools, in addition to well-packaged libraries that are
   tested and integrated.  As a model for development, the open-source
   community built up around Linux is one of the most productive ways to

   As a Systems Engineer at Willow Garage (http://www.willowgarage.com/),
   Tully Foote is a core developer of the ROS ecosystem.  He works on
   core tools and libraries.  Recently, he has been focusing on extending
   the support of ROS and the infrastructure to more platforms and
   architectures.  Previous to working at Willow Garage, he worked on
   autonomous cars in all three of the DARPA Grand Challenges, first
   at CalTech and then at UPenn for the Urban Challenge.


   VCAFE Facility
   350 Ellis Street (near E. Middlefield Road)
   Mountain View, CA 94043

   Directions on how to get there are listed at:


 We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.
 If you have any improvements to make, please let SVLUG's volunteers know!
 webmaster at svlug.org


 If you just can't get enough, a smaller group usually goes to a local
 restaurant/diner after the meeting:  Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi, Too,
 939 West El Camino Real between Shoreline and Castro, Mountain View.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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