Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fwd: Idea for Open Source Political Party.

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From: Max Nix
Date: Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 5:02 AM
Subject: Re: Idea for Open Source Political Party.
To: John Sokol 

John -

Because the NWO bankers and the traitors who control the mass media
have DELIBERATELY concealed the information from the American public,
you wouldn't know, for one, that the Icelandic economy is now growing
at 8% per year now that they are TOTALLY free of debt to the NWO banks
and have issued orders for the arrest of the NWO bankers - they are
now totally free, not just debt free, but TOTALLY free in every sense
of the word.

But the second thing you missed is that the people of Iceland united
over the internet and drafted a brand new Constitution to be rid of
the bankers forever, and the input of ALL the people of Iceland in the
drafting of their new Constitution was taken over the internet so that
literally EVERYONE got to participate.  It's a true internet "open
source" democracy.

So your idea of an internet democracy has already happened, but the
mass media of your own country made sure you never heard of it.

That problem is now remedied.

2nd heading in this article - "Creating an Open Source Constitution"
and 3rd heading - "Online Participatory Democracy":

This is what we could be if we only had the courage of the Icelandic
people.  Research it.  See what they've already done.  Iceland:  a
true internet-driven democracy with total freedom and an exploding

And then there's us:  an impoverished slave state with a dying economy
and 50% of its people already living below the poverty line and
getting worse every day, all from from fraudulant debts put on us by
foreign banks and our politicians who they bought (exactly the problem
that Iceland once had before they cast the demons out) with the TSA
massively expanding and crushing our freedom (they just quadrupled
their budget and just set up at Union Station downtown this last week
as they expand) and 800 camps are now being activated while the brand
new NDAA says anyone can be arrested for any reason and held forever
without trial, and even tortured and killed.

Anyway, the Icelanders have already implemented your idea, John, but
interesting contrast between Iceland and the United States, no?.


On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 2:47 AM, John Sokol  wrote:
>  Basic idea is a Political party base on a web site / discussion forum and
> voting software.  ( / style)
>  This would be a party that is entirely over the Internet Candidates are
> voted in from a discussion forum.   They are voted and elected in to office
> with the oath that they must report all data back to web site, and that the
> VOTE's they cast in office are based on overall consensus in discussion
> forums specially designed for this purpose.
>  Basically a real time political representative for a party that is entirely
> internet based.
> The discussion forum would allow people to vote others standing up or down,
> or vote on topic posts,  post and votes can be public or anonymous.
> Fundraising is also done through web site.
> I want to write up a blog post on this idea,. but before I do I want some
> feedback,  improvements, etc.
> Downsides? Arguments for an against.

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