Thursday, January 15, 2009

Microsoft TAX

Submitted by John Sokol on Monday January 29 2007, @07:48PM to Slashdot
John Sokol writes "I went to Best Buy in Sunnyvale yesterday with Linux V4L2 developer Mauro Carvalho Chehab who just flew in from Brazil. We were there to purchase a laptop. Mauro asked the clerk if we could get this Gateway laptop without the Microsoft software (who's price was part of the sales price) and they insisted that we would have to pay a $30 fee to get the laptop without Microsoft XP installed on it! I remember we had Microsoft protest days some years back. What happened? Why are we still paying $100+ per laptop to Microsoft for software we don't want or need?! What's even worse Brazil charges a 50% inport duty so he has to pay import tax of around $50 for the copy of XP that he doesn't want also."

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