Thursday, January 15, 2009

Copyleft movies, can it be done?

Another rejected Slashdot post.
Submitted by John Sokol on Thursday March 20 2008, @12:43PM
John Sokol writes "hypothetically speaking, let say some big name science fiction authors were willing to allow there older stories to be made into Copyleft films done in a similar production quality as I-Robot, Blade runner, StarWars or StarTrek. Would it be possible to raise enough to produce a big budget film that has a LGPL type license on it? Possibly as a Non-profit where authors are paid there typical fees and actors, are paid typical fees but no investors, just grants and donations? Proceeds would be wrapped back in to produce the next movie. Sort like PBS and NPR. How could money be raised? What are the ramifications? How to bootstrap such a project and get it played in theaters and legally distributed free on the net? It's an interesting concept, but could it really work? Imagine what this would do the the RIAA and the film industry."

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