Friday, November 04, 2011

The sad state of the US Rail system.

Found this floating about Facebook.  It's so true.

But even if  we where to try. There is so much thievery and crooked politics it would just get hijacked and screwed up.

It needs a complete technological facelift.  It could even be made with Rollercoaster like technology.  Tracks that lock the cars in.  Light weight, flexible, able to be pushed magnetically and use inertia and gravity. Tracks that are held up on little more then steel poles and can be places almost anywhere.  The would be very quiet and fast as hell.

I could easily imaging going from SF to LA, on a 200+ MPH rollercoster car, pushed by magnetic linear motors ever mile or so.  All computer controlled.   The tracks made of nothing but steel tubes or ibeams.

Cheap light fast.

At least follow Walt Disney and Eric Laithwaite's lead. Rather then basing in on 150 year old rail technology, like every train in the photo above.

I figure we could do a car with nothing but an aluminum I-beam for a rail and rare earth magnets on the cars that self levitates from the forward momentum.  Using Eddy current levitation.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  No more massive steel rails. Massive steel cars, with Steel on Steel as the friction  interface.

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