Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fwd: Bill passes allowing indefinite detention of American citizens living within the U.S.

I would like to see every politician that voted for this or had anything to do this this have to do a press interview or better yet, write an short essay on :

Why did you vote for this?
How do you think this is in the spirit and intention behind the original creation of this country? 
(You know those stories of 1776 we were forced to learn about for 13 years in school.)
If it not in that spirit, Then I want to know why are we steering away from that?
By who's authority?
Why this wasn't announced?

They are supposed to be representatives, but even large corporations don't have so much control over what's going on.   I think even the Mc Donalds and Microsoft realize locking up customers is not good for business, or the economy.

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When any of us or your friends or family members "just disappears" in
the night and is never heard from again, at least now you'll know what

And so America dies.

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