Friday, June 03, 2011

Massive protest and hunger strike in New Delhi India.

I just got this in Email from a friend.

Incredible event underway right now in New Delhi.
200,000 people have arrived form all over the country, and gathered in Delhi, they have sat on a fast to death against govt corruption.
It is being MASSIVELY under-reported by the media. Almost silence - Just small titbits, but the gathering is HUGE, There are 2 km long qs of people on foot, all around delhi,

Govt is in paralysis on what to do about it,
Baba Ramdev - our yoga guruji is leading the morcha.

This is so a giant moment for india, becoz ppl are sick of the corruption in hi places, so have come on their own expense, from as far away as Hyderabad and madras. to sit on a hunger strike. The heat in Delhi is incredible right now, but there are 200,000 people in the ramlila maidan already.

I wish Google would shoot some live imagery and show the extent of the crowd.


Looks like it is in the news if you know to look for it.

Ramdev begins indefinite fast against corruption

Baba Ramdev begins fast against corruption

Ramlila Ground Ready for Baba Ramdev Show

WTF: The WSJ is making it like it's some short of Show?!?! Ready? For what, to kick his ass?

UPDATE   6/4/2011
Yesterday nite was the DARKEST hour of the Indian nation.
At 1.30 AM mid night, the indian govt brutally crushed  the agitation.

at 1.30 am, the ground was mostly empty, there were approx 10,000 people sleeping in rugs and mats.

In the darkness of the night, about 5000 armed personnel from Delhi Police + Rapid Action force  attached the peaceful protestors with sticks and tear gas shells,

100s of people have broken limbs and are hospitalized.

the leader  'baba ramdev' had to flee the scene in woman's clothes.
he has reached his hermitage in hardwar and has wowed to continue the agitation.

old timers are saying that even the British were never this brutal when they ruled India.

pray for us

UPDATE   6/5/2011
I am seeing something incredible -Youtube has videos of last 2 days events in New Delhi
google for  'ramdev delhi fast'

- but the only videos present on the site are the ones WITHOUT the police brutality !!
nothing showing what the police did last nite !!


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