Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fwd: Lexan* polycarbonate resin - request your feedback

Lexan is great stuff. It's an unbreakable plastic, and when it first came out was famous for being bulletproof. Demos of people smacking it with hammers and only denting it were common.
It's great to machine and unlike acrillic it doesn't crack or chip.
The only real problem is it's soft and scratches easily. If they only had some sort of scratch reistant layer it would be much better.

When used as a window over time it tended to get cloudy like someone sandpapered it.

Anyhow, Enumera has been dead for 10 years, so it weird they'd send me an E-mail there with a survey.

In my original designs the front case was a Lexan windows showing the internals.


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Date: Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 8:58 AM
Subject: Lexan* polycarbonate resin - request your feedback

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You've been invited to participate in a short survey we're conducting to learn more about our customers' polycarbonate needs.  Your feedback will help inform and influence our ongoing efforts to better serve you over the coming years.  A third party is conducting the survey on our behalf so no personal data will be collected and all answers will be kept anonymous. 

You can access this survey HERE or by clicking the link below any time between now and June 24th.  Please be advised that the link will be taking you to a 3rd party website to complete the survey and should take only 5-10 minutes.  Thank you in advance for your valuable insight.  Your participation is deeply appreciated.


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