Friday, January 08, 2010

Look back 10 & 20 to see the what next 10 brings!

Being 40+ years old now and watching technology my whole life starting computers at 7 it's something I am very in tune with.
If you want to see how it's going to change in the future you can just extrapolate from the past.

First let's point out that the internet is a common method for moving datagrams (IP packets, block of data up to 1500 bytes at a time), much like the postal service ships individual letter. On top of this stream connections using (TCP) are created and most of what we see is built on this.
The point is, there are no limitations over what can be sent, or the format.
So telepresents, virtual reality, haptics, Remote control of UAV's, skys the limit on what can be sent over this network.

I remember the Internet clearly as it was 30 years ago. As a hacker breakin in to it was the most LEET Thing on could do back in 1980.
Let me put a little time line down to put things in to perspective.

1969 CompuServe started.
1972 C Programming Language invented.

1980 -- there was no TCP/IP even is was NCP, no unix servers and it was the DARPANET.  It was all 300 Baud Modems! UUCP and Email was there.
1983 BSD 4.2 Unix came out with first tcp/ip stack in .  C++ first developed.
  Modems and BBS's ruled at this time (sort of like when dinosaurs roamed the earth)
1984 Apple Macintosh first released.
1985 "thin" Ethernet first comes out (uses BNC Coax)
1987 Perl released.
1988 Linksys founded.  First Internet Worm get's loose, create massive panic! (Robert Tappan Morris)

1990 -- there was no www, html, , it was telnet, ftp, gopher,  Archie First Internet search engine starts.
     10Base-T first comes out.
1992 Wais search engine starts.
1992 Tim Berards Lee came out with www and html.
1993 Mosaic the first "graphical" web browser.  Before this it was all console text based !!!!!
         WiFi was invented.  Linux and FreeBSD first Released. Lycos search engine starts.
1994 14.4K modems first started to appear. WebCrawler search engine starts. VRML web based virtual reality.
1995 Yahoo and Altavista search engines start. Vocaltec first VOIP comes out. JAVA released.
1995/6 is when the internet boom started.  28.8K  modems appear.
1997 Google & E-Bay started.  36.6K and 56Kmodems appear.  PHP first comes out.  Netflix starts.  100Base-T first comes out.
1998 Voip is 1% of all phone traffic.
1999 Napster first comes out. DSL & Cable Modems first become available.  Metricom Ricochet service comes out. goes online.
      Gigabit Ethernet first comes out.

2000 Dot com Crash.
2001 Metricom dies.
2002 Bit Torrent takes off.  Wifi Starts to take off for consumers.
2003 Skype first comes out.
2004 Facebook goes online.
2005 Youtube goes online.
2006 Twitter founded.
2007 Hulu Starts
2008 Netflix start streaming video.
2009 HD videos are being streamed from Youtube.

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