Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dec 26, 2004 Sumatra 225000 dead and we thought that was a lot. These counts are going to keep increasing. How many must have died in Haiti of just starvation in the past year! People eating Mud Pies! It's not like there some sort of Aliens who like eating mud. Why? To at least have something in there stomachs! How F**king bad must it have been. This quake may actually been a blessing to get us to finally look up at them. They have been desperately screaming for some time.

Just wait till it's our turn! Who do you think will give a shit about us? After looking at New Orleans it ain't looking too good. FEMA been ordering body bags and internment camps.

I am just straining to imaging what Pat Robinson could have been thinking. I guess the sin was the greed and that allows for shoddy construction, the unpreparedness of the government and their already desperate conditions in place. But who's sin was it to commit? Could it be the rich? Could it have been those under them that went along with it. Was it the working class that just accepted it? Could it be that of the poorest, clearly we can't hear them? Could it have been ours? Or those of the French founders 100's of years ago?

I fear it's going to take a little more then money to wash this blood off.

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