Friday, October 09, 2009

Could Saturn rings act like a gravity wave recorder?

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What if Saturn rings are acting like a gravity wave recorder?

Have you ever seen the demonstration where they take a double cylinder with glycerin infused in between the two sides. A drop of ink was injected into the glycerin and rotated. The ink disappears. Upon rotation to its previous position the ink reappears.

Well I'd bet Saturn rings could do that, not sure how far back we could go?
 We would have to use the computer to rewind them assuming we had a photo with enough resolution of those rings.

Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune also have rings that we could get multiple read recordings of events from several locations. Like Seismographs at several sites, we could tell direction of these waves, speed, frequency's, amplitude, rate of decay.

Assuming that maybe the wavelengths for gravity waves could way longer then were we have been looking so far.

John L. Sokol  10/09/2009

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