Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clifton, NJ - What happened to Lori Mc Kinney?

This is all I was able to dig up on the internet about what happened. If anyone has more please send it to me and I will post it here.

I really cared about her, she was a good friend and is missed.

From some newpaper:

In July 1993, Lori McKinney was found dead on a beach. John J. Pepe Jr. was eventually convicted of reckless manslaughter.

"When he came to us, he had three different stories from other murders all rolled into one," Swearingen said. "It didn't take us long to put a case together against him and figure out what happened."

The bar the couple had been to earlier that night is now closed. The places that serve alcohol that remain are primarily restaurants, which occasionally generate noise complaints.

By BRUNO TEDESCHI, Staff Writer The Record (Bergen County, NJ) Date: 07-20-1993, Tuesday
Section: NEWS
Edition: All Editions -- 3 Star, 2 Star P, 2 Star B, 1 Star Late, 1 Star Early

Lori McKinney of Wayne was very much in love with her boyfriend back home, her friends say.
That's why they can't believe she left an Ocean County bar early Saturday morning with another man.
The decision to leave with him, authorities say, turned out to be a deadly mistake.
By COLLEEN MANCINO, Staff Writer Date: 11-19-1993, Friday  Section: NEWS
Edition: 2 Star P, Also in 3 Star, 2 Star B, 1 Star Late, 1 Star Early

CORRECTION: Lori McKinney, the Wayne woman who was killed this summer at the
New Jersey shore, was 24 years old. Her age was reported incorrectly Friday.

Friends and family of the Wayne woman who was killed in the surf off the New Jersey shore ...
LORI A MCKINNEY Born Dec 1968 More Information on LORI A MCKINNEY
45 OAKLEY WAY Map It Recorded: 04/15/2001 LORI A MCKINNEY business listings Check Yellow Pages WAYNE, NJ 07470
By ROD ALLEE, The Record (Bergen County, NJ) Date: 12-15-1993, Wednesday Section: NEWS
Edition: All Editions -- 3 Star, 2 Star P, 2 Star B, 1 Star Late, 1 Star Early

Lots of facts are missing in the case of John Pepe of Lyndhurst, a  21-year-old college student and former high school football player who has been indicted on a charge of aggravated manslaughter in the death of
Lori McKinney of Wayne.
This week Pepe applied for pretrial intervention. If that had been granted, McKinney's family and friends -- and the public -- would never have gotten to find out what happened that night.
Pretrial ... 
From :
BRUNO TEDESCHI, Staff Writer The Record (Bergen County, NJ)
Date: 07-22-1993, Thursday  Section: NEWS
Edition: 2 Star P, Also in 3 Star, 2 Star B, 1 Star Late, 1 Star Early

As Lori McKinney of Wayne was buried Wednesday, questions remained about her death at an Ocean County beach over the weekend.

At least 100 friends and family members gathered at St. Philip The Apostle Church in Clifton to mourn McKinney, while ...

Bronx. She lived for 17 years in Clifton before her family moved to Wayne ... She attended Paul VI
She worked at Bergen Tire in Saddle ... and Restaurant in Lavallette, where ...
is accused of strangling Lori McKinney July 16 and leaving her body in the ... Bergen Tire in Saddle Brook
Pepe luncheon leaves bad taste
Dear Editor:
We all use the expression "I've heard it all," but never has it held so much meaning as now when we read of a fundraiser to show support for. the convicted killer, John Pepe of Lyndhurst. People paying $50 a. plate for this man is one of the sickest things I've ever heard of Thank goodness the management at the Fiesta had the good sense and the courage to stop it when they realized who the benefit was for. The Pepe family friend who was organizing this absurdity is a Lyndhurst resident named Pat DeSimone. She had, been very busy planning "the party" and calling all the newspapers to tell them about it. Someone, please, take the $50 they're charging for the lunch and buy this woman a clue!! Besides her obvious poor judgment, DeSimone clearly has a warped sense of justice and too much time on her hands. I suggest that DeSimone take some of her idle time and put her organizational skills and fund raising abilities to good use and help t some truly needy individuals and organizations — there are plenty of them.  It is irritating and ridiculous to hear DeSimone describe Pepe as "a boy that has never been in any trouble. In our opinion, this was an accident. We still feel John is innocent." Someone heeds to tell DeSimone that, in fact, John Pepe is not "a boy" but a 220 lb. grown man and even if he has never been in any "trouble" before, causing the death of another human being is more "trouble" than most of us will ever have. Furthermore, Mr. Pepe is NOT innocent; a jury convicted; him of manslaughter. He is responsible for the death of Lori McKinney. John Pepe strangled her McKinncy's neck muscles were bruised and her eyelids had hemorrhaged. DeSiitione is also quoted as saying, "the family suffered quite a bit of legal fees, I thought they could use some help."  Does DeSimone realize that John Pepe is NOT the victim? Docs she realize that this is not Some Hollywood movie where the innocent child of a poor unemployed single parent is unjustly accused of some crime and the parent spends every last dime to clear the kid's name? In reality, (his family was in a better position financially than most of us. What's been made public about this family is that the father owns a construction company and, at the time of the manslaughter, the family owned a nice Lyndhurst home as well as two additional homes in the upper middle class beach community of Laval letie. Furthermore, their convicted son; John; had just completed his education at Colby College in Maine where tuition, room and board totals a whopping $25,420 a year! A benefit luncheon for this convicted killer? It's enough to make all of us lose our appetites for the rest of our lives.
 Jolyn Gamer

By MATTHEW MOSK, Staff Writer The Record (Bergen County, NJ) Date: 09-30-1995, Saturday Section: NEWS
Edition: All Editions -- Two Star B, Two Star P, One Star

A state appeals court has denied a 23-year-old Lyndhurst man's bid to reduce his 10-year prison sentence for strangling a Wayne woman and leaving her to drown in the ocean at the Jersey shore.

In a ruling released Friday, a three-judge panel of the state Appellate Division in Newark said there was overwhelming evidence against John Pepe and a jury could easily have convicted him of a ...


Fasttrader1972 said...


I came across your blog and appreciate that my sister is still thought of. It is still pretty tough thinking about her not being around. Feel free to email if you have any questions I will fill you in.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should say a prayer for Ms. McKinney and allow her soul to rest in peace.

The man, I believe, served the time the courts gave him.

I pray Jesus is taking care of Lori.

Now the healing should begin.

John Sokol said...

I live 3000 mile away so I am out of the loop on local Clifton gossip. When I first heard of her death and the circumstances it was almost unbelievable. More then just shock. As I turn 40 and have been reconnecting with old friends on facebook, I find her absence defining.

Lori was someone who lit up a room and was always the center of attention. I don't think anyone ever disliked her.

As I am reading about the facts of this case, it reads like some murder novel or as the reporter put it "Some Hollywood movie", but it's not, it's real and it happened to a dear friend of mine.
It's just all too bizarre. It's quite clear John wasn't capable of appreciating the significance of the life he had taken.

And that's where it would have ended, if that were that. But then I read about the fundraiser luncheon.

We stick together in Clifton and Lori was one of our own. I think I speak for 100's of people when I say that. It seems that many of John's supporters also fail to appreciate the life that was taken.

It's a good thing I wasn't living back there at that time, or Mr. Pepe would have had far worse to face then just the courts.

But I have mellowed with age.

The Anonymous poster writes
"allow her soul to rest in peace."

First posting Anonymous is a sign of cowardice, not having the integrity to stand behind your words.

Considering what had been done to Lori and how she was left on the beach like some used ------
I won't say it.

The least I can do is write and let her not be forgotten. All I can say is I am starting to feel a novel within me and that may be the best and final tribute.

Nov 15
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I replied with a message but she never responded.

I am sure someone will fill me in on who she is.

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Rosemarie Marinelli Pepe's anagram name is SLEEPIER IMPAIRER ON MALE

Anonymous said...

I'm from Clifton too and have always been really upset about Lori's awful, violent death and how the John Pepe case was handled.

I have an update for you on "What happened to John Pepe"-caught up with someone who went to Queen of Peace with him (guess he unexpectedly turned up at a reunion). They said he never even left NJ -after getting out of jail John Pepe has been living right in Hoboken or Jersey City or some town near NYC.

They also said he still goes to the family beach house at the NJ shore near where poor Lori's battered body was found. It's all just so wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pepe and his family always had an undeserved elitist attitude and thought they were better than everyone. The luncheon idea,typical of these ignorant self serving morons. Unfortunately the courts allowed him to plead to manslaughter and not murder,that crumb should still be rotting in jail.

Anonymous said...

Pepe and his family always had an undeserved elitist attitude and thought they were better than everyone. The luncheon idea,typical of these ignorant self serving morons. Unfortunately the courts allowed him to plead to manslaughter and not murder,that crumb should still be rotting in jail.

Anonymous said...

I met John Pepe online on a music site called Jango. I'm really horrified by what I just read about his violent past and jailtime. Thank you for putting this info out there

We were in touch for a while but something about him creeped me out. He's obviously there looking for women in a predatory way (has a harem of them). He'd half-joke about visiting him in Hoboken NJ. I wish I could warn those other women too. It's really scary