Wednesday, June 17, 2020

AudioByte, Amiga Mod files and Chip Tunes.

It all comes full circle. 

All that stuff  Jesse Monroy and myself did 30 years back,
AudioByte (Originally Sound Byte)
The Original Parallel Port Dongle audio adapter.

Editor and Mod file players in Intel x86 assembly code.

More at:

 Now I stumble on WebAssembly and OpenGL and realize I have more power in a browser tab  than I had on the $250,000 4 cpu SGI workstation at stanford.

Certainly dwarfing the 10 Mhz 286 I had in those days.

Then I found chiptunes. This is super cool. 

These guys are mad crazy about video game emulators and reproducing the hardware faithfully.    A player you can drop Amiga Mod files on and play them.   My mod file collection.

 And the new version, not as good.  

But this is WOW!!!!   it's like wow.  A universe unto itself.

Best part it's all open source and hosted free of charge on github. 


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