Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The real IOT, Internet of Transportation.

In my talk two years ago I called it the real IOT, Internet of Transportation.

Doing to atoms what we have done to bits. Being able to use network traffic routing protocols and AI to optimize the flow of autonomous vehicles, the integration of robotic farming, mining, logistics and manufacturing with robotic transportation and robotic household assistance.

I know most of you can't see if, but if you've look close up at the history and progression of data communications, it's obvious what's coming.  Soon the movement of people, and good will be moving far faster and in more complex ways then any human operator could mentally process unaided. At this point it's only the requirement for backwards compatibility with highways and interaction with human operators that is holding us back, that and maybe lack of engineering skills and understanding of the business community.

I see this as only a brief interim step we will soon master.


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