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DVBS: AfterBurner (TM) World's Fastest Single CPU Web Server Now Market-Ready

From August 23, 1999

DVBS: AfterBurner (TM) World's Fastest Single CPU Web Server Now Market-Ready

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Meyer,
 Chairperson/Founding President of Digital Video Broadcast Systems (DVBS) has
 announced that the company's flagship product, the AfterBurner(TM) web server
 package is now ready for the commercial marketplace.
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     The AfterBurner(TM) technology is a cost-effective, high-performance
 alternative to expensive additional web or cache servers, and can be used as a
 "stand-alone" or combined with an existing server or network.  Over the past
 several months, John Sokol, Chief Technical Officer/Co-founder, and creative
 and technical force behind DVBS, has been streamlining the AfterBurner(TM)
 technology for commercial application.
     The competitive advantages of the AfterBurner(TM) include:  unprecedented
 capacity and faster response speed than existing single CPU servers (2875 hits
 per second, over 4000 concurrent users), and a lower cost per user-hit.  Using
 a raw UNIX platform which provides rock solid reliability, robust
 multi-tasking and high security, the AfterBurner(TM) prevents network crashes
 caused by high demand.  AfterBurner(TM)'s advantage arises from its ability to
 use less RAM memory (because of no child processes).
     In independent tests (completed February 12, 1999), AfterBurner(TM)
 surpassed  the industry's leading servers:  Apache and Zeus.  Using identical
 hardware, AfterBurner(TM) outperformed Apache by 164 % and Zeus by
 52%, according to the Certified Performance Report of Mindcraft, Inc., a
 leading independent performance measurement facility.  Tests were completed
 off-the-shelf hardware (retail value US$2,300) -- a single Pentium II 450 MHz
 processor, 1 GIG of RAM, 1 gigabit Ethernet card, and 1 VGA card.  Detailed
 test results are available upon request.
     AfterBurner(TM)'s  performance may -- in fact -- exceed the documented
 test results, since the testing infrastructure was incapable of loading
 AfterBurner(TM) to its limit.  AfterBurner(TM)'s unparalleled speed and
 capacity renders it particularly valuable for high traffic web sites and those
 that offer large data transfers and downloads (Netscape browsers, game
 software, and music video downloads, for example).  AfterBurner(TM) answers
 the needs of a growing server market to increase web-hosting capacity.
     DVBS' strategy is to partner with established technology leaders and
 leverage existing distribution and marketing channels to bring its innovative
 technologies to the marketplace Several licensing deals and joint-venture
 agreements, with industry and qualified financial partners, have already been
     William Bang, Sr. Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer/Co-founder of
 DVBS and a former Korean businessman, has been instrumental in securing
 agreements with DigiCom and ThruNet (the largest ISP in Asia), as well as a
 joint venture with DACOM, Asia's largest backbone company.  Negotiations are
 continuing with HanYang Engineering, the largest manufacturer of RAM chips for
 Sun Microsystems and SamSung.  And, SungJin has renewed their commitment to
 pay US$1.5 million up-front to DVBS upon delivery of the new compression
 algorithms for the security industry, plus an additional 17% royalty per unit.
     In North America, marketing partners in Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles,
 Houston, El Paso, Salt Lake City and others are established:  DVBS is planning
 to finalize deals with over 30 resellers in the next 90 days.  DVBS is also in
 active negotiations with a publicly-traded company and its technology
 subsidiary to roll-out the Symmetrically Distributed Server Network (SDSN)
 which allows users to connect multiple AfterBurner(TM) servers.
     Under an agreement with Creative Artists Agency for Watcha '99 and other
 coming events -- the capacity of the AfterBurner(TM) and its associated
 LiveCam and distributed serving technologies (SDSN) will be demonstrated in
 summer and fall 1999 cybercasts of selected Latin-style concerts, including
 the Latin Style Magazine Music Awards in October with appearances by top Latin
     At a retail price of US$28,000 to $250,000 per unit, even 1% of the
 Internet server market would generate $170 million in sales for DVBS and its
 partners.  The AfterBurner(TM) could also capture a share of the cache-server
 market, projected to grow to 2 billion by the year 2002.  Markets include
 hardware manufacturers who would incorporate AfterBurner(TM) solutions in
 their product offering under an exclusive licensing agreement -- and
 -- software manufacturers who could incorporate AfterBurner(TM) into an
 existing server software solution or sell AfterBurner(TM) as a separate
 accelerator software product.
     DVBS has retained Bereskin & Parr, a leading Canadian intellectual
 property law firm, and has patents pending on AfterBurner(TM) and other
 protocol technology.
     Digital Video Broadcast Systems (DVBS), a technology incubator, has
 operations in the U.S., Canada and Asia.  Its mission is the development of
 communication technologies that will improve voice, data, image transmission
 and reception over the Internet and Intranet.  The DVBS technical team is
 based in the Silicon Valley, California.  Management, marketing and
 administrative offices are located in Vancouver, British Columbia; Toronto,
 Ontario; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; and in Seoul, Korea.
     Detailed information on the AfterBurner(TM) and other DVBS technology is
 available on the DVBS web site:

SOURCE  Digital Video Broadcast Systems (DVBS)

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