Sunday, October 09, 2011


This is just mean.

You add and subtract then when it doesn't work, because it never did, you send the weakly encrypted version of your CD key to a complete stranger that now has a working key.  YOUR'S!

It's trivial for them to do all the subtractions and additions in reverse just the same way you just did.

Don't fall for it.


Free Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos/the Frozen Throne CD Key

This is a technique to create an unused Warcraft III CD key. The technique will work for both the Frozen Throne and Reign of Chaos. This technique would be good if you had two computers, and you wanted to play on at the same time. The CD key you create will be free and unused. 

NOTE: Make sure the CD Key you use is from the actual Warcraft III CD case. This technique will not work if you use a fake CD key. Don’t e-mail me saying it didn’t work if you didn’t use an authentic CD key. 


1. Find an authentic Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or the Frozen Throne CD key. It should look something like this: XXXXXX – XXXX – XXXXXX – XXXX – XXXXXX. 
2. With the first set, add one to each number, but if it becomes a 10, make it a zero. 
3. On the second set, subtract one from each number
4. On the third set, leave it alone. 
5. On the fourth set, flip it backwards. If it was 1A2B, it would become B2A1. 
6. On the fifth set, leave it alone. 
7. Now, use your CD key, or give it to one of your friends. If the CD key doesn’t work, e-mail the CD key you created to 
(THIS GUY IS EVIL, DON"T MAIL HIM!!!) GUY IS EVIL, DON"T MAIL HIM!!!) Make sure you do not send your original. You should never give anyone your original CD key. I will try to make your CD key work and e-mail you back the results.


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