Monday, October 04, 2010

Carbon will change everything.

I think carbon will change everything.

Carbon nanotubes are thermal super conductors and it's speculated that they are possible electrical superconductors as well.  Carbon is also one of the best Thermal insulators too. It may also make the ultimate dielectric.

That being the case carbon based super capacitors and room temperature super conductors made from nanotube might just make carbon all we need for all future technology.  Rare elements would no longer be needed.

Carbon can already make solar cells and nanodots that emit light. Carbons optical properties are seeming endless.   Transistors can be made of carbon so we could make computer chips.

I can't see any reason nanotubes and the rest couldn't be grown by cells in a petri dish.

Imagine growing CPU chips in a layer of bacterial goo.

One thing that's always make me wonder, why life hasn't figured out how to grow nanotubes and diamonds? I mean cell are carbon factories, that's way they do stitch hydrocarbons together in intricate patterns. Literally the self reproducing loom. Why don't they do even graphene sheets or for that matter even graphite. Seems like cells should be more then capable.

Anyhow I expect to see carbon to end up being the most powerful and versatile material we ever learn how to use.

It will be the new iron age.

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