Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movement for public viewing of bills before being enactied in to law.

I call for a movement where we get our representatives to represent us. I mean i think the rules have been sort of vague up till now how our representatives get presented too us and how they are expected to represent us.

We get very little information on them before they vote. We don't get to officially test and measure there abilities. I guess we just must assume there degrees from 40 years ago are good enough.

But that is not the real point. The point is major bills keep getting run through before the public can read them. Before our commentary's can be heard.

I think for a bill to be legal there should to be a viewing time available where is bill is shared as a plain ASCII text document for x hours or x day before it can be officially signed in to law. This would be to give the general public discuss it before our "representative" can vote on it.

This discussion could be on the Blogs or the media it doesn't matter really.  Instead they talked us to death on the bill were we all just burned out, then rammed something threw.

Same with the Patriot act and many other bill like these Christmas even ones. Now maybe this is political heresy breaking a long history of this sort of thing. But it's just not working any more.
I mean many of our representatives are reachable over e-mail, but there is no reverse channel where we can get information back as fast, one in which we can dictate our opinions to the representative and collectively  review these bills that they don't.

Maybe provide some mechanism where we can assert some leverage on these guys like a financial bonus that we can add or subtract from when they are in agreement with the public votes over the web site. Many one that they political party is in control of such as there budget for the campaign.

Come to think of it we could even make a totally internet based political party, one in which everything is transacted collectively across the net. One in which any party affiliation would allow you to participate. Because your going to want to vote in the real election for someone you helped rise in an internet campaign.

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Al Saavedra said...

You are right.

Transparency is a very worthy goal.