Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lakshmi means to perceive or observe an objective or aim.

Lashmi is the Goddess of Wealth. Not necessarily monetarily although that's how most people take it.

I am starting to think that people have been mis-perceiving or many more like used to have it taught to then in such a way that it effects there thinking and behavior and yet, they don't really see maybe what the original author wrote or intended. I guess it really all a matter of perception. Of where you are observing the text from, a way of thinking about things.

There is a good chance that this drifted from something that was more like Athena, the goddess of wisdom and victory.  I think these are really a more the the spirit, or emotion way of thinking. Like feeling patriotic is. Something that is not a flesh and blood physical entity.

I think most of the Hindu gods must really be a very comprehensive inventory of social meme's.  Ways of thinking and acting and the paths that they will lead to. This is told in a very open non-western way of viewing the world.  The stories of each god it to teach the children to be aware and see certain trends and types of behavior in the world. Of what to avoid to not be tricked or taken in and which ones to look up to.  There are good gods, and bad gods with many that are shades of gray. A whole strange and unfamiliar way of viewing morality to those raised as Christians where we have good and evil, sin and non-sin.

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