Friday, November 27, 2009

Society has evolved with religion at it's core

First I want to say that I am not saying what I believe in, my close friends already know, and it's personal and this had nothing to do with what I believe in. I will just go to say that one can not really be a believer in Atheism, GOD, Allah Buddha, Lucifer or what ever you choose with out having studied the rest at least to some level.

I think being an Atheist is all well and fine for some people, if we all were then everything would be just great.  But there are those who believe in following GOD and those who believe in following Satin.

The problem is as the existence of GOD is attacked, I see many starting to openly follow the Satanic path. Many unknowingly even as they are completely ignorant of religion they can't see what's being taught to them!  I also see many who think they are christian also being taught satanism again they are too ignorant of religion to know what they are being taught.

 I mean, pretend blood sacrifices in music videos, rams heads, skull and bones and other satanic symbols on kids clothing. They are being taught satanism in mass through the media.   The whole "be kind to your fellow man" and "do on to others" is starting to go out the window! So does concepts of love, honesty and loyalty are replaced with materialism, icon worship, promiscuity and greed.  I see a frightening trend of young people not caring about the lives of others. And in turn there own lives become less valuable.  I think much of this whole economic collapse is because of the lack of ethics stemming from much of this "As long as I get mine" attitude.

They don't realize that by screwing others there is an emergent behavior that happens. With enough people doing it we all get screwed! Every last one of us!

Irrelevant if weather there is or isn't either GOD or satan, the problem is following;  being surrounded by people that don't believe in GOOD is Bad, especially when shit hits the fan.

It's the different between people who help each other in a pinch vs. kill, break and wreck and take what they want.
Who would you rather be around in a crisis, followers of Jesus or Aleister Crowley?

We could be facing helter skelter.

What do you plan to do when these satanist take over and just decide everything opposite of what Jesus taught is just great? Where killing their neighbors off just means more for them, heck it's even fun. 

It's at that point where what I believe doesn't matter, it's what they believe that does. Where I'd wish they would have still believed in GOD or at least in GOOD.

Our society has evolved with religion at it's core.
I can't emphasize enough, evolved!
I fear that with the end of GOD and GOOD we are seeing the beginning of things far worse replacing it.

It's the vacuum that's left behind that's the real danger.

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